The ICE Blockchain

A new EVM compatible blockchain for the ICON Ecosystem!

We are very excited to provide further details on a brand new blockchain project coming to the ICON community. This new blockchain called ICE, will bring about a new application hub for the ICON ecosystem. Upon completion, ICE will provide developers better tooling, EVM and eWASM compatibility, and immediate access to the growing ETH & Polkadot ecosystems. It also represents a shift in the direction of the ICON project by separating functionality, product targeting, and the purpose of each of these respective networks. ICE will become the application hub of the ecosystem while we double down on our efforts to make ICON the leading cross-chain and interoperability protocol in the industry.

With ICON, you’ll be able to wrap assets, natively swap assets using each respective network’s underlying security, query data between networks and much more. The opportunities are endless, and our goals will be to push these boundaries through continued research and development of BTP and focused integrations driving its adoption. ICON isn’t a competitor, it is an enabler. It’s agnostic, and as crypto grows, ICON does as well.

In partnership with Parastate, a Substrate-focused development team specializing in building complex virtual machine pallets, the ICON Network will achieve both EVM and eWASM compatibility through a customized and novel Substrate based side-chain. While many have used the Substrate SDK to build an application or feature-specific parachain for Polkadot, ICON is the first team to use the Substrate SDK to extend the feature-set of an existing layer one blockchain protocol. Not only are we adding EVM compatibility, but we are further aligning our developer base with the Substrate-based community. We believe that the potential to grow this network is an exciting opportunity for ICONists, adding significant value to the overall ecosystem.

The purpose of this new blockchain is the much-needed addition of EVM compatibility to our ecosystem. We believe EVM compatibility is paramount for the growth of the ICON Network (see Polygon’s recent success as a good indicator of its importance). It enables developers to iterate and innovate much faster using existing tooling and code from the Ethereum ecosystem and allows for increased growth prospects of ICON given easier portability of applications. Additionally, with this new chain, we are also adding eWASM support that puts us ahead of the game, preparing us for ETH 2.0 compatibility.

In addition to Parastate, there will be several other teams working on the ICE Blockchain to grow the developer base, lead integrations, and drive activity. Stay tuned for announcements on these groups very soon.