Blockchain Transmission Protocol

We are excited to share the latest technology advancements and details around the Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP), ICON’s interoperability solution, with our community. BTP is unique amongst existing interoperability solutions. Most solutions require some sort of game theory, slashing/penalties for validators, PBFT consensus, critical off-chain components or centralization.

The Verifier contract is the key differentiator of BTP. Other interoperability solutions rely on trusting the Relays or some sort of game theory, but BTP is secured entirely through cryptography. BTP is as secure with 1 Relay as it would be with 100 Relays. Extra Relays simply ensure more reliability and liveliness.

BTP’s out-of-the-box infrastructure combined with a generalized architecture opens the door for simple integration by any 3rd party developer exploring unique use cases. Individual 3rd party developers do not need their own Relay networks, as the ICON Network provides that infrastructure and covers the costs. Developers simply need to build their own Service Contract (generalized architecture) to meet their needs, submit a Pull Request to get their Service Contract approved, then it will be serviced by ICON’s Relay Network and secured by BTP smart contracts.

Any network added to the BTP ecosystem becomes directly connected to all other networks in the ecosystem. There is no need to build bridges between all networks. Through inclusion in the BTP ecosystem, all chains are directly connected with one another. continue reading