The Decentralized Bank of ICON

The Best Place for ICX Holders to Take out a Loan, Swap Assets, and Supply Liquidity. Participate in the future of finance. Balanced is DeFi designed for adoption: it’s fast, affordable, and easy to use. It offers the best experience for ICX holders, and a higher return than you’ll ever get with your bank.

Participate to earn Balance Tokens, which give you voting rights and a share of the network fees. Inflation decreases over time, so take part from the start and help shape the future of finance. Earn up to 5 types of rewards with Balanced. Stake your Balance Tokens to receive a share of the network fees. And if you’re an advanced trader, set up a bot to liquidate high-risk positions in exchange for a 10% profit.

ICX can be volatile, so Balanced uses it as collateral to create a stable currency: Balanced Dollars (bnUSD). Tied to the value of the US Dollar, it’s ideal for payments, grants, and in-app purchases for services using the ICON blockchain – no KYC required. Borrow Balanced Dollars for a one-off, 1% fee – no interest – or buy some on the Balanced exchange. To keep the price stable, you can always retire bnUSD on Balanced for $0.95 of sICX.

Balanced is a DAO, owned and operated by Balance Token holders. Have your say on the future of Balanced. If you hold Balance Tokens, you can vote to add new collateral types, pay for initiatives from the DAO fund, adjust the fees, and more. Join the discussion on the Balanced forum, then submit a proposal or vote on others’ – your level of involvement is up to you.