October ICON Development Update 2019

Decentralization, BTP and Other Network Enhancements

Hello from ICON Foundation,

We are excited to bring the community another update to our development roadmap and we want to thank you for your continued support. It’s been a busy month and many are still trying to catch their breath, but we have made substantial progress and are happy to share the details!

Decentralization, BTP, and other items

This month’s activity was highlighted by the successful launch of our decentralized network and all the moving pieces that went into it, such as updating the block structure, completing the role switch function, P-Rep tools, network proposals, and election features.

Outside of this accomplishment, we made significant progress on BTP (blockchain transmission protocol) during the month of October. The improved block structure that was released can now support BTP capabilities; the interchain communication between heterogeneous chains. We are currently stabilizing this feature and hope to release more details on this in the near future.

Additionally, core developers have begun researching enhancements for our P2P network and for database integration. We expect these enhancements to improve basic network performance substantially over time. We are also working to improve the ICON Network by developing LFT2, an improved consensus algorithm to ensure higher liveness.

Mobile Staking Update

Many in the community have inquired about mobile staking. Please note that the development for mobile staking capabilities has been completed. These features are currently under QA and we hope to release them in the coming weeks.

ICON Development Roadmap Details

We’re pleased to share the following updates to our technology roadmap below:

  • Block Version 0.3 — Improving block structure to support BTP (Completed)
  • Role Switch — Switching the role between Main P-Rep and Sub P-Rep (Completed)
  • P-Rep Tools — Command-line interface to register P-Rep and submit governance variable (Completed)
  • Network Proposal — On-chain governance system in which Representatives can submit proposals and vote (Completed)
  • BTP — Interchain PoC for ICON-Private Chain (Stabilization)
  • DB integration — Integrating block and state database for better management and fault tolerance (Research)
  • P2P Network enhancement — Performance of underlying P2P network platform (Research)
  • LFT2 — Enhancing the consensus algorithm for more liveness (Research)

Please note: The current roadmap was designed at the end of 2018 and will be updated to better reflect our initiatives in this dynamic blockchain industry.


ICON Foundation

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