ICON Citizen Node Status Update

Greetings ICONists,

ICON Citizen Node has been updated to a new version. This is to prepare for the Pre-Voting on Aug 26th and all P-Reps and exchanges must install or update by the Aug 26th deadline. Please see below for more details and the installation guide.

ICON Citizen Node Status Update

  • ICON Pre-Voting functionalities implemented
  • Check out IISS Paper 2.0
  • And other minor bug fixes

For P-Reps

  • Once the Pre-Voting ends and ICON decentralizes in September, the Citizen Node will turn into ‘peer mode’ for those who are elected and will enable block production & validation.

>> Guide for P-Reps

For Exchanges

>> Guide for Exchanges

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you,

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