ICON Partners with Infinity Stones for Strategic Consulting

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ICON has partnered with Infinity Stones for strategic consulting, where Infinity Stones provides insight into the governance and economic structure of ICON. Infinity Stones has been running nodes on several blockchain networks (EOS, Tron, IoTeX, Tezos, Cosmos, etc.) and has built an extensive network in the blockchain industry. Through this agreement, ICON can leverage the relationships Infinity Stones has built, as well as their experience running nodes on other networks.

Infinity Stones has already provided valuable insight into the economic and governance structures of other networks and has shared details of the shortfalls they have experienced through running nodes on such networks. This insight has helped ICON in the development of IISS and other governance features.

ICON looks forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with Infinity Stones going forward.

About Infinity Stones
Infinity Stones is a Silicon Valley-based company, providing cloud management services and security solutions for Blockchains. They are blockchain infrastructure architects with proven track records in the industry. The team is composed of tech leads, management experts, and financial professionals from tech giants like Google, Oracle, and Intel.
Their experience in successfully managing a large number of mission-critical clusters enable them to build blockchain infrastructure with the highest level of availability and cybersecurity. Infinity Stones is currently hosting nodes for high net worth individuals, institutional investors, foundations, universities and research institutions.

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