P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase Announcement

Greetings from the ICON Team,

We are proud to announce that the P-Rep TestNet 1st Phase has been successfully completed on May 17th, 2019. This is a significant step for the ICON Network to complete the first TestNet as the decentralized network comprised of P-Rep candidates while achieving stable operation without any stoppages.

As previously announced, the P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase will commence shortly. The 2nd Phase period is extended for participants’ convenience and will last from June 5th, 2019 UTC 05:00 until Mid August 2019. The TestNet participants can submit the application forms via the Google survey link below. Submitted static IPs will be renewed on a daily basis allowing participation throughout the TestNet operation period.

Please find detailed information on the schedule and test items below.

[P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase Schedule]

Step 1. Node set-up + Application form & Static IP address submission

  • Set up and run a node for the TestNet by June 5th 05:00 UTC. Latecomers can set up and run their nodes as soon as their application process is complete

>>> Check out the P-Rep TestNet Application Form

Step 2. P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase Docker release

  • Latecomers, joining after June 5th 05:00 UTC, can refer to the guideline below to install their nodes

>>> Check out the P-Rep Installation and Configuration Guide (ICON Developers Portal)

Step 3. P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase Opening

  • 22 P-Rep nodes constitute one TestNet
  • All P-Rep participants must activate their nodes at the same time when the TestNet opens
  • Multiple TestNets may open depending on the number of participants
  • A separate telegram channel will be set up for each TestNet comprising the 22 participants

[Test Items to be Executed]

  1. Test on block production and validation by continuous tx generation every 3 to 10 seconds
  2. Intensive transaction load test on a specific date/ time
  3. Hard fork and governance training

The ICON Foundation will expose P-Rep candidates to diverse test situations enabling them to thoroughly review both technical and governance aspects before the MainNet launch.

▼Minimum Specification for a P-Rep TestNet Node

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