ICON Tracker Status Update

Greetings from the ICON Team,

Below we will share development updates regarding the ICON Tracker. Please check the details and timing of each item below!

1st Week of May

Added ICONex reporting function

  • A function to report addresses (including SCORE addresses) and transactions has been added.


4th Week of April

Provided links within the token list page

  • Links are displayed for tokens with homepages.


3rd Week of April

Notification when transactions for a wallet address are generated

  • Additional function to receive transaction notification for respective wallet addresses after integration


2nd Week of April

Added functionality to switch networks

  • There are other networks such as ‘Euljiro’ and ‘Yeouido’ in addition to the ICON Mainnet for SCORE and DApp development.

Transaction data query modification

  • Addressed temporary inaccessibility of transaction data issue due to the time delay of ICON tracker data collection after block production on the ICON network.


4th Week of March

Added Twitter-sharing button for transactions

  • The ICON Tracker now allows you to share specific transactions on Twitter.

Added ICONex integration functionality

  • By adding the ICONex integration button on the top right corner of the ICON Tracker page, you can now use the ICON Tracker service in conjunction with the wallet you are mainly using.


3rd Week of March

Display of the transaction data image

  • If a Base64-encoded image is included in the transaction data, it will be converted into an image in the data area and displayed.

Thank you,

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