ICON Token Sale “Term 1” Bonus Event Details


Thanks for your interest in the ICON project. This post will outline the detailed proceeding of the “Term 1” Pre-Sale Event.

[Event Winner Selection Method]

1. Data Selection Basis

  • The “Term 1” Event will be based off smart contract data available on Etherscan.io.

2. Selection Numbering Basis

  1. Blockno(Serial number of each blockchain block created): Blockno will be ordered in ascending creation order
  2. Txhash: Transactions will be ordered in ascending text order
  3. If the Status is “Error” the transactions will be excluded from the selection process.

3. Selection Rules

  1. First Winner: 10th Contributor
  2. Subsequent Winner: 10+25nth Contributor
    (Ex: 10, 35, 60, …… , 1210, 1235th Contributor)

4. Winner Announcement and Bonus Allocation

  1. Announcement Date: Sept 24, 2017 (UTC+9)
  2. Bonus Allocation Date: Upon Mainnet Launch

※ If the cap of 75,000 ETH is reached during the “1st Term”, then the remaining “Term 2” and “Term 3” bonuses will be distributed to “Term 1” contributors based on their contributor proportion.

※Term 2 and Term 3 Event Selection Method: Will be announced separately

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