[PRE-SALE] ICON Pre-Sale Participation Guideline

The following message was originally sent via email on September 1, 2017 via email to registered members.

[This e-mail is intended for the members registered on the official ICON Website (https://icx.icon.foundation)]

Greetings from your fellow ICON Team!

Here is the information that you have been waiting for, and we thank you for all the support you have shown us. The Pre-Sale Policy was put together to allow as many participants as possible.

Moreover, the ICON Team has organized an event — Lucky Draw — to show our appreciation to everyone that showed much interest and support in advance of our official launch.

Don’t miss this one-time opportunity to take advantage of joining ICON Project through Pre-sale participation, and get rewarded through EXTRA BONUS from the Lucky Draw.

Please, find the details below regarding Pre-sale Participation:

● Pre-Sale Participation Information

1. Pre-Sale Period & Quantity
1) Pre-sale 1st Term (30 ETH and under): Sep. 20, 13:00 ~ Sep. 22, 24:00 (UTC +9)

2) Pre-sale 2nd Term (100 ETH and under): Sep. 25, 13:00 ~ Sep. 27, 24:00 (UTC +9)

3) Pre-sale 3rd Term (1,000 ETH and under): Sep. 29, 13:00 ~ Oct. 12, 24:00 (UTC +9)

(Pre-sale will close after reaching the hard-cap (150,000 ETH))
*Over 1,000 ETH must participate during the official ICO (Oct. 20)

2. Participation Detail: Log in to ICON Website to participate.
Sign up → Log in → Click ‘Contribute’ to Begin to → Agree to Terms and Conditions → Check ‘Wallet Deposit Address & Personal Data’ → Transfer Ethereum (ETH) → Complete

3. Token Distribution Method: Paid immediately with ERC20 tokens (ERC20 transaction is only allowed after a certain time from Token Sale Close)

4. Participation Currency: ETH (only usable currency)

5. Important Remarks
1) USA/Singapore/China nationalities cannot participate.

2) Must make the transaction from a personal Ethereum Wallet.
(You only can participate through a wallet with a Private key. Cannot use a cryptocurrency exchange wallet).

3) Only one contribution is accepted from each member. Only one contribution is accepted from each Ethereum Wallet address.
(Multiple contributions will NOT enact successful transactions, but will spend gas)

4) MUST double-check DATA value designated to each member. You will not get tokens if you enter the wrong DATA.

5) Token Sale participation is ONLY allowed during the stated sale period.

6. KYC Policies
This is a guideline for the “1st Term” of ICON’s Pre-Sale.

1) USA/China/Singapore nationality cannot participate in ICON’s Pre-Sale and Token Sale.

2) Only contributions of 30 ETH and under may participate in “1st Term” (Contributions exceeding 30 ETH will NOT enact successful transactions, but gas will be spent.)

3) Only one contribution per Term is accepted from one account. (Multiple contributions will NOT enact successful transactions, but gas will be spent.)

4) Transactions must be made from a private Ethereum Wallet. DO NOT send from an Exchange Wallet.

5) ERC20 tokens will be distributed immediately after the transaction is submitted.

6) Pre-Sale and Token Sale will close after a hard cap of 150,000 ETH is reached.

● Pre-Sale Participation Appreciation Lucky Draw Event Details

The lucky Draw process will be announced via E-mail Announcement & ICON Official Social Channels.

SCAM ALERT! Precautions for SCAMS

1) ICON Project does not select or affiliated with any agencies for Pre-sale. DO NOT TRUST YOUR ICON PARTICIPATION WITH OTHER PERSONNEL OR AN AGENCY/GROUP.
2) ICON does not change any official information without making an official announcement:
— Official ICON Website: https://icx.icon.foundation or https://m.icon.foundation
— Official Support Email: hello@icon.foundation
3) Each Pre-sale Term will have its own deposit address. Please, double-check the address for your participation.
4) Please, report to hello@icon.foundation, if there is any suspicious activity spotted.

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